Checked out INspired creative’s website and marketing materials.  Fab concept.  An agency has to be creative themselves first in order to sell their potential clients on their services. INspired creative has succeeded in conveying that.
Brian Garrison
Account Manager - fab magazine

I was just on the website for “What’s Next?” which your company produced. It is one of the nicest sites I have ever been on. I thought it was just beautiful. It is an amazing tribute to what INspired creative has to offer the world.
Lesly Notter
J&N Business Services

“I had INspired creative design and establish my business branding and logo, as well as some other design and printing services. They depicted exactly what my business is all about. Everyone compliments me, and I have been able to send further business to their company because of the great job that they did for me. Antoine (the agency’s director) has a wealth of information on the best advertising for your business. He takes the time to ensure that you are getting what you want and need. He is very INspiring!”
Kim Dobie
Curvaceous Consignments

I have been dealing with INspired creative for close to two years now, and my business is flourishing. They provided excellent advice every step of the way, producing everything from my logo and marketing materials to my website, to advising me on what trade shows to attend and in which directories to advertise most effectively. Everyone comments on the professionalism of my materials!! They are more than "just an agency", they care about my business and about doing what is right for my business. Time and again they have gone above and beyond the call of duty for me. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone (other than my competition, of course)!!!
C. C.
Liturgical Linens

I have looked at some of your website jobs and I have to say your work is really good. I have a short fuse for websites, always too crowded and too busy and the way I see it 7 out of every 10 websites are bad and the other 3 could use some improvement, but not what I’ve seen in your work. As the creative director it seems that Antoine truly has a gift and a vision. You seem to bring the best out of the team of talent whom you work with to create beautifully laid out, clear and concise work. To top it all of, things are always easy to navigate and wherever you needed to present a big block of information on some of the sites I was blown away by how well organized it was. Very impressive.
Chris Ward
Candid Images

“We have aligned ourselves with INspired creative as our Marketing Agency of Record.  INspired creative’s President, Antoine Elhashem and his team have worked closely with us to establish the launch strategies.  Antoine brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the relationship.  His vision, dedication and creativity are a perfect fit and a great asset to our company.”
Tiffany St-Germain

I have been working with INspired creative for about a year. When I was just starting my business they helped me with my company's image (for two separate businesses), and helped me also to discover the best direction to take to promote my business. Antoine (president) actually listened to my ideas and dreams and worked with me to get the best promotional materials so I would stand out and be noticed. INspired creative has provided me with logos, business cards, brochures and website. Antoine is always available to listen to my ideas and advise me on what is best for my business.
Marla Boychuk
Marla’s – Sew What!

I went to INspired creative in September 2005 because my business was lacking a crucial element - a solid, creative and effective marketing plan and it was showing in my bottom line. I needed someone who could really understand and work with my challenges and me as a small business entrepreneur and guide me in fulfilling my business dreams and goals. Business has never been better and is growing steadily. INspired creative provided my firm not only with a unique and effective marketing plan, dealing with them is a superb pleasure - they treat their clients like treasured friends and make it clear to me that they value me as a client. I can't tell you how motivating and refreshing that is. Thanks INspired creative - it really is a pleasure doing business with you!
Theresa Ameloot
Pegasus Legal Solutions

Maui Business Gets Help from Ontario Business … INspired creative, is a business that has as part of its vision helping other businesses look good, and is a company that I recently contracted from abroad based on a recommendation to help my company put together multi-media presentations which are delivered throughout the world. I was thrilled with their service from the conception of the project to a timely completion. Even though our businesses are thousands of miles apart, I felt as if I was doing business with the guys next door. Thanks INspired creative.
Gordon Gillis
Consulting Services